Why transplant tomato plants?

Why transplant tomato plants?

Why transplant tomato plants?

Why it is important to transplant the tomatoes at the right time ? As I told you in the introduction, if you do not transplant your tomatoes in time you expose yourself to the following problems: tomatoes stop growing because the roots no longer have enough room to grow.

What is the ideal temperature for tomatoes?

The effect of temperature on the flowering of tomato and pepper

TemperatureEffect on flowering, pollination and fruiting
16°C (61°F)Temperature optimal to fruition
Below 15.5° C (60° F) or above 24° C (75° F) – night timePoor fruit set

Why transplant seedlings?

Why transplant ? This is simply to give each seedling the space it needs to grow strong and healthy! When seedlings are crowded together, they compete with each other for water and nutrients in the soil.

When should tomato plants be planted?

From March to May, once the last frosts are no longer to be feared, transplant these seedlings when they present 5 to 7 leaves. Think from the planting to stake the feet of tomatoes.

Where to grow tomatoes?

Indeed, for grow tomatoes, you just need rich soil, sun and water, nothing too hard. And so we can grow tomatoes in the garden, on a balcony in a pot or even in a greenhouse.

When to plant tomatoes in the ground?

When to plant tomatoes in the ground? 1 In the north, wait until early May to plant the earliest tomatoes. 2 In the South, for gardeners with shelters, it is possible to install tomatoes from the end of April. 3 Wait 2 more weeks to complete most of the planting with mid and late season tomatoes.

How to grow tomatoes?

Respect the principles of crop rotation: do not plant your tomatoes where they were the previous year or where there were other plants of the same botanical family, that of the Solanaceae (potatoes, peppers, peppers, eggplants, etc.). .). Since tomatoes need heat,…

How to plant tomatoes when it is not freezing?

If the weather forecast no longer calls for frosts, plant, even if the nights are still cold. As long as it doesn’t freeze, the tomatoes won’t suffer. You will obviously also take into account your region: the further south you are, the earlier you will plant, and vice versa.

How to avoid weeds on tomatoes?

Mulch well to avoid the appearance of weeds and to keep the humidity in the soil, because the tomatoes need to have the roots cool, without the humidity affecting the leaves which could be affected by mildew . Again, do not forget to note the variety of different tomato plants to find your way around!