Why use colloidal silver?

Why use colloidal silver?

Why use colloidal silver?

L’colloidal silver can be used as a natural way to combat itching. Its anti-inflammatory action is also useful to prevent the spread of redness. In animals, thecolloidal silver is also of interest. It can be used as an anti-infective and antiseptic.

Does money make arguments happy?

the do to be rich makes it possible to override everyday problems to focus on what really represents the happiness. L’money brings happiness because it allows you to free yourself from certain annoyances of daily life. the happiness not’is not proportional to the sum ofmoney that we own.

Why use antibacterials?

The too systematic use of antibacterials has led to a natural selection of strains of microbes capable of withstanding the treatments that are opposed to them.

Why are antibiotics effective?

In other words, the surrounding molecules penetrate the bacteria better. And when among them there are antibiotics, their effectiveness is increased. According to scientific estimates, a combination of silver and antimicrobials increases the destructive power of the latter by 10 to 1,000.

What are the benefits of silver?

During the Renaissance, the physician and alchemist Paracelsus also recognized the antimicrobial properties of silver, stating that silver plates could heal leg ulcers. From that time, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, silver was used in case of infections, suppuration, wounds, fevers.

Why does silver have an antibacterial effect?

During Antiquity, the Greek physician Hippocrates, 400 years before our era, had already understood that silver had an antibacterial effect. Long used to fight against infections, it has now been overtaken by antibiotics without anyone understanding what the properties of the metal were.