Why Victor Hugo is a great orator?

Why Victor Hugo is a great orator?

Why Victor Hugo is a great orator?

The organization of the diffusion of the speech. 12Victor Hugo is one of the speakers who knew best how to ensure the publicity of his speeches, and perhaps the one who paid the most attention to them. This concern appears in the organization of the network of diffusion of the Hugolian speech: press, various publications, “advertising”.

How do poets use repetition?

Different poets use repetition for different purposes. Some of these repeat functions include emphasis, setting a rhyme, and creating a memorable poem. Repetition has the power to make even a simple sentence sound dramatic.

How important is repetition in a poem?

Repetition can make a poem more meaningful. it can also add rhythm and musicality. However, too many repetitions can also make a poem seem like a disjointed and repetitive poem. Thus, you should always be careful when using repetition in a poem.

What is repeating a poem?

When a certain word or phrase is repeated throughout the poem, the reader will notice it more easily and pay more attention to it. For example, take an excerpt from Emily Dickinson, “I’m nobody! Who are you?”

What is repetition?

Repetition is part of the family of figures of insistence. There are other figures of repetition: There are other figures of style. Discover related concepts! Hi! Me, it’s Flo!