Will it snow in April?

Will it snow in April?

Will it snow in April?

The snow can appear in april ” The snow can still make an appearance” in the month ofapril : Météo France thus recalled that several snow events have occurred at this time of year in the past.

What is the density of the freshly fallen snow?

The density of freshly fallen snow is highly variable. This variation depends on the type of crystals favored by the temperature in the layer where the snow forms, and on the wind which is a limiting factor to their growth. In addition, the temperature of the atmosphere varies with altitude, we generally have a variety of types of snowflakes.

What is the relationship between snow mass and snow depth?

The statistics give an average of 110 kg/m3, with a standard deviation of 40 kg which confirms the dispersed nature of this criterion. The ratio between the height of water in a snow gauge coming from the mass of snow and the height measured on the ground of this snow is thus often given as 1 mm for 1 cm (ratio 1⁄10).

What is the shape of snow crystals?

The shape of the snow crystals varies according to the atmospheric conditions of the air in the cloud during their formation first with the temperature, but also with the degree of humidity: temperature from −12 to −16 °C: dendrites filiform.

What is the temperature of the snow?

in low altitude regions, snow generally falls at temperatures between -5°C and +1°C. Snow forms at altitude and evolves within the air masses it encounters during its fall.